Busy Week!

We’d like to remind you guys that we are currently looking for a new tattooer. We have a lovely big shop here which has enough room for someone fantastic, and it could be you. If you have a good enough portfolio, please get in touch! We are not currently looking for an apprentice, only an established tattooer. This is where you could be working- in the biggest tattoo shop in Newcastle:


Ian also came back from his paternity leave this week. It’s only been a few days and he’s already kicking ass. If you want to book in with Ian pretty much any time this year, now is the time to do it. He is really busy at the moment, as he is fully booked and has some guest spots coming up very soon (go to our ‘guest spots’ tag to see more, here!), so if you want to avoid any disappointment, feel free to come in any time to book in. Here is some work from Ian from this week:





If you’re not able to book in, you’re able to buy Ian’s sketchbooks at any time! He still has two up on Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash, and they’re awesome. If you click here, you can see both sketchbooks. They’re both 35GBP, which is excellent value for money.


Gav has also been very busy again this week. He’s got some spaces next week, if you’re quick! Feel free to pop in any time to book something in; he’s always up for doing something great. Here’s some stuff from this week:





Lauren has been doing some doing some really great work this week, including this little cat piece:


Lauren has also been extremely busy, but still has some space. She’s got loads of drawings ready to go, if you’re not quite sure on what you’d like or would like to find a cool tattoo. You can come in to book these any time; here’s some recent ones:


Thanks for another great week!

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We’re Hiring! Again!

We’re sorry to have to inform you that, due to personal circumstances, Lewis McKechnie will no longer be joining us at the studio at the end of the week. However, this does mean that we are happy to tell you that we’re once again looking for a fantastic tattooer to join us! We are not looking for an apprentice, but if you have the right experience and a portfolio full of solid tattoos, you could be in on this. No time-wasters, please. If you’re interested, please email us at inkslingersnewcastle@gmail.com.


Thankfully, we will still be joined this week once again by Ian, who is back from his paternity leave. He’s already ridiculously busy, but for some unknown reason he isn’t busy working on this beautiful lady, who’d make a great tattoo- why? Book her in as soon as you can.


Lauren has been Dr Doolittle this week, tattooing cats, panthers, butterflies and sharks. Here is some work from her over the past few days:





Gav has been really busy too, starting a koi fish and tattooing a classic eagle, among other great things:



Both Lauren and Gav have limited space this week, though they can try to fit you in if you’re quick. To book in with them, you can come down to the shop at any time with your deposit, and we’ll see what we can do. You can also email us if you’re far away!

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Lewis McKechnie Joins us on Friday!

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for Lewis McKechnie to finish up his work in Scotland before he comes to Newcastle to join us. Thankfully, the wait will be over on Friday, as he’ll be joining us then! You can book in with him now by coming down to the shop or getting in touch through the usual ways. Lewis is a really fantastic tattooer, and he can’t wait to tattoo you all. You can see some of his work by following him here; here is some recent stuff from him:




Ian is also back on Tuesday, ready to take things up a notch again and do some great work. If your appointment has been re-booked lately due to his paternity leave, thank you for your patience! Ian will be able to re-book as soon as possible. Until then, here’s a quick drawing from him:


Gav has been particularly busy, especially today! He’s got some new designs that are good to go; feel free to book them in! You can come down to the shop any time to book in with Gav, though always bear in mind that it’s best to book in advance so you get the spot you’d like.


Gav also has some new work to show off:




Gav’s partner in crime, Lauren, has also been extremely busy this week. She has some really cool new paintings too, and also a drawing that deserves a good home:


Make sure you get at her for bookings before next week fills up! Here are some great tattoos from her:



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Ian and Lewis- in Next Week!

We know you’ve been waiting with bated breath, waiting for Ian to come back, but now you can sleep a little better at night. After being on paternity leave while Hayley had baby Pearl, Ian will be back at work next week. Those of you who have had their appointments rescheduled can talk about new appointments next week. He’ll be back with a vengeance, though in the mean time here’s a new drawing from him. This would make a great back piece; hit him up for it before someone else does:


Also next week, on the 31st to be precise, Lewis Mckechnie will finally be joining the crew. He’s been in Scotland finishing up a few pieces, but can now come down to Newcastle and will be available for appointments. If you’d like to book in with him before anyone else does, feel free to pop into the shop and book in. Don’t forget, you can also give us a call and pay through PayPal if you live far away. Here’s a recent tattoo from Lewis:


Gav and Lauren are still holding the fort in the meantime, alongside Jonny and Robin on the desk. They have some space left at the moment, though you’ll have to book in quickly, as always. They try to make time for walk ins, but it’s always better to book in so you’re not wasting your bus fare. They have been working on some really great stuff lately; all of these designs below are ready to go:



Don’t forget, though, once someone books them that’s it! We don’t do the same tattoo twice here. They have also been doing some great tattoos, of course. Lauren has been working away on this cool walk in and a Japanese sleeve this week. She’s interested in doing more Japanese stuff, so make sure you get on her diary before it’s full!



Gavin has been keeping it solid and clean, with some great tattoos this week, too. He should have a bit of space this week- if there’s anything you’re after this week, he’ll make sure it holds forever:



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Saturday Recap

As you may have seen on Wednesday, Ian is currently away with Hayley, after she had their baby girl! Hayley and baby Pearl are doing very well; thanks to everyone for their lovely messages and support. Due to this, as you can already imagine, Ian will be away for a little while. In the meantime, why not buy one of his sketchbooks? You can click here to buy them from Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash.


If you already have the sketchbooks, please don’t forget that both Ian and Hayley will be in a new flash book called The Great Unknown very soon! You can click here to find out more about that- we’ll update this blog again nearer the time it’s out so that you’ll know when to buy.


Our newest tattooer, Lewis, has finally tied up all of his loose ends in Scotland, and now has a date for his arrival at Inkslingers! Brilliant! He will be here from May 31st, and is now taking bookings. We really can’t wait for him to get here and hope that you can’t wait either. You can book in with him now, so get to it. Here’s some recent work from him:




While Ian has been away, Gav and Lauren have been holding the fort with our customers, and have been doing a great job of it too. They have some space free next week, so if there’s anything you’re interested in feel free to pop in and book in a great tattoo.

Here is some work from Lauren this week- she’s been really busy working on some lovely tattoos!




And, of course, Gav has been just as busy keeping everything bold and beautiful:




That’s it for this week; we’ll be back on Wednesday to keep you up to date!

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We’re really excited and proud this week, with the arrival of Ian and Hayley’s baby Pearl! This is a really great time for them, and we hope you will join us in congratulating them. Unfortunately, for you guys, this means that Ian’s paternity leave has started! He will be away from the shop for now, but we will let you know when he’s back. Thank you to all of Ian’s clients who are understanding of any changes to their appointments!


Of course, babies are damned expensive, so we think you should help us welcome Pearl by coming down to the shop. Gav and Lauren are still here, and we’re still open every day. They have some really cool flash ready to tattoo; here’s a small example:



We also have some healed photos of their work. As always, we love healed photos, since it shows that our tattoos are there for life:



Here are some tattoos from Lauren and Gav over the past few days, too. They should have some space for the rest of the week, but you’ll have to hurry and book early to avoid disappointment!





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Taking over the ‘Net

So, we’ve had another busy week this week in the shop. It isn’t even over yet- don’t forget, we’re open seven days a week now! From 12 until 8, you’re free to come in any time and book something great in. From now on, you won’t have to take a full day off work for a little space filler- you can come down until 8! Please take advantage of this as soon as you can, before everyone else gets the same idea.

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Also, please don’t forget that we now have a Facebook page and an Instagram account! These should be really handy for instant updates on things such as cancellations and events, so that you don’t miss out. If you really don’t want to miss anything, you can also subscribe to this blog via email by using the ‘Email Subscription’ section of our side bar, to your right.

For the Facebook page, please click here. For Instagram, click here.


Ian is pretty booked up at the minute, and he also has guest spots happening and paternity leave is pretty much imminent. Due to this, if you want a tattoo from him, you have to do so now. Otherwise, we hope you can wait until 2014 for not acting fast enough. To book in, you can come to the shop any time, or you can email here if you live far away. Here are some tattoos on people who were smart enough to plan ahead:



Also, this beautiful lady hasn’t found a home yet- why?! Hurry up and book it in, before someone else sees this post and beats you to it.


Lauren has also been very busy this week; and she has some space free next week. If you would like something great, feel free to book in! She’s always up for anything, and she can do awesome things like this:




Gav also has some time free next week, though you’d have to be quick for tattoos from both him and Lauren! Here’s some work from him this week:




That looks like it’s it from this week- thanks for coming in, and thanks for reading!

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