Busy Week!

We’d like to remind you guys that we are currently looking for a new tattooer. We have a lovely big shop here which has enough room for someone fantastic, and it could be you. If you have a good enough portfolio, please get in touch! We are not currently looking for an apprentice, only an established tattooer. This is where you could be working- in the biggest tattoo shop in Newcastle:


Ian also came back from his paternity leave this week. It’s only been a few days and he’s already kicking ass. If you want to book in with Ian pretty much any time this year, now is the time to do it. He is really busy at the moment, as he is fully booked and has some guest spots coming up very soon (go to our ‘guest spots’ tag to see more, here!), so if you want to avoid any disappointment, feel free to come in any time to book in. Here is some work from Ian from this week:





If you’re not able to book in, you’re able to buy Ian’s sketchbooks at any time! He still has two up on Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash, and they’re awesome. If you click here, you can see both sketchbooks. They’re both 35GBP, which is excellent value for money.


Gav has also been very busy again this week. He’s got some spaces next week, if you’re quick! Feel free to pop in any time to book something in; he’s always up for doing something great. Here’s some stuff from this week:





Lauren has been doing some doing some really great work this week, including this little cat piece:


Lauren has also been extremely busy, but still has some space. She’s got loads of drawings ready to go, if you’re not quite sure on what you’d like or would like to find a cool tattoo. You can come in to book these any time; here’s some recent ones:


Thanks for another great week!


About inkslingersnewcastle

Inkslingers is a tattoo studio located in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With three floors, great custom artists and health and hygiene at the top of our priorities, you're guaranteed a great experience here.
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