Work and Spaces for the Rest of 2012.

With December around the corner, it’s more important than ever to be letting you guys know how much space is left, what kind of work we do and all of that kind of stuff, so today we’re going to be focusing especially on that. Also, from now on, any picture on here will link to the corresponding tattooer’s blog or Facebook page, so feel free to click around and see where you end up.

Ian Parkin

Ian has extremely limited time left this year, and virtually no weekend spots left. You may be lucky enough to get in with him before the end of the year, but if you’re thinking about Christmas we’d recommend booking time for January instead now. See more work here.

Hayley Parkin

Hayley now has no spaces left before the end of the year, I’m afraid. If you want in with her any time soon, your best bet would be to check in the studio, and make a booking for 2012. See more work here.

Paul Fulton

Paul has some spaces left before the end of the year, however they’ll probably go really quickly in the lead up to Christmas, so your best bet is to get booked in within the next couple of weeks, before December. See more work here.

Dave Simpson

Dave has a few more spaces than the other guys, as he does a lot of walk ins, so you should be able to catch him easily for a few more weeks before his regular customers start to think about Christmas and the end of the year. The best place to find out when he’s doing walk ins and to see the rest of his work is here.

That should be everything for today, please remember that our Remembrance Day weekend is still going until tomorrow afternoon, so if you want anything small for that, feel free to pop in and see what we can do for you.


About inkslingersnewcastle

Inkslingers is a tattoo studio located in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With three floors, great custom artists and health and hygiene at the top of our priorities, you're guaranteed a great experience here.
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