Paul’s Blog, Kick-ass Ladies, and more Traditional Awesomeness.

It’s that time of week again, folks!

Let’s jump in with some news first. Well, it’s sort of news. From now on, you can follow our own Mr Paul Fulton himself on Tumblr, with his new blog. The blog can be found here, and you can see his work and any news.


Not a Tumblr fan? That’s fine too, we’ll still be keeping you up to date with Paul’s work here. Example: here’s an amazing eagle Paul did this week. Things like this are amazing, and they’re what Paul does best.


Also, just a reminder that Lauren is tattooing full time now. Siobhan will be following her, of course! Lauren is taking appointments for the upcoming week, so you’d better hurry up if you want in. Here’s something she did lately, a lovely little dagger!


The boss has been busy as well, of course. This tattoo is something some of you will remember from a line drawing we put up not too long ago. It definitely looks better as a tattoo, as does everything. This is why Ian is asked to do pin ups.


Ian’s been drawing loads as well, as always. Here’s a really cool lady with a kickass edge. Ian can draw people in his sleep, and they always look lovely. He’s ridiculously busy, so if you want something before the end of the year you’d better hurry up and book.


Hayley did a beautiful tattoo as well today, but we don’t have a picture of that yet. Here are some cool knuckles instead. Knuckles are hard to tattoo, but Hayley makes it look really easy!


Last up, here’s something lovely from Dave. Feet tattoos are really cool when they match, and these ones really rock. When they’re healed, these tattoos will be a lot brighter and the outsides will be a beautiful blue.


That’s all for now, but it’s only two days until Monday, so you don’t have to miss us for long! Also, please don’t forget that Alan Aldred will be coming up in one month!

Thank you for reading.


About inkslingersnewcastle

Inkslingers is a tattoo studio located in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With three floors, great custom artists and health and hygiene at the top of our priorities, you're guaranteed a great experience here.
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