Charlie Roberts is Coming Back!

Good news everyone! Tattoo legend Charlie Roberts is coming back to Inkslingers! He’ll only be here for one day only, which is the 27th of this month (next Tuesday!). If you know anything about tattooing, you’ll want in on this. Charlie is a king amongst tattooers, and any tattoo from him is an honour. To book in, pop down to the studio as soon as you can! His spaces are going to go like hot cakes.


This is in addition, as you’ll all know by now, to our other guest artist Scott Banks, who rocks! He’ll be here from the 3rd to the 7th of October, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on him, either! As usual, just pop in with a deposit and an awesome idea to book in.


As for the rest of us, here’s some stuff that happened in the studio over the week. First up, Ian started another lady on the ever pleasant Sim. This is obviously unfinished for now, but I thought I’d show you all anyway because it rocks. All freehand, one hour.


Hayley’s also been working away, and did a beautiful rose on Alice last week. Hayley’s roses are always beautiful- and they’re something her customers can’t get enough of! As always with rib tattoos, they look slightly distorted in photos, but you can surely see that in reality they’re great!


Paul has a cancellation on Wednesday, and it’ll be the last space he has for a little while. He drew this the other day, and someone really needs to get this as a tattoo. If you want it, and you have Wednesday free, you’ll make Paul a very happy man. This looks awesome!


Finally, here’s something from Dave. He painted this the other day, and it’s great. All good tattooers can paint as well, and Dave is a great example of that.


Okay, that’s your lot for now, but as always, we’ll see you again on Saturday! Thank you for reading.


About inkslingersnewcastle

Inkslingers is a tattoo studio located in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With three floors, great custom artists and health and hygiene at the top of our priorities, you're guaranteed a great experience here.
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