A Mixed Bag of Tattoos and Paintings!

Hey everyone, we hope you had a good weekend- let’s get stuck straight into today’s blog post!

Firstly, Ian says he’ll be available for some later appointments this week, working until about 8 or 9PM. You can get in touch with Ian through the contact page on this site, or come down to the studio to have a chat about that. If you’ve already booked something in this week, you won’t be able to change that to work later, though!

Ian’s been drawing some really cool stuff lately, especially of people. Here’s an example of that- this is Nikola Tesla, who is one of the reasons why you didn’t have to wind up a machine or get a hamster to run in a wheel in order to read this blog post- or have electricity at all, for that matter. Ian is great at this stuff, so if you’re after a cool portrait, come down and book in!


Ian also did a really cool tattoo of a burlesque dancer last week. It’s really beautiful. Tattooed people in Newcastle really love pin up girls, it seems! You can see why with this tattoo:


Hayley did some really cool knuckle tattoos last week, too. Loads of people love to get “book worm” tattooed on their knuckles- it’s cool to be a geek again!


Hayley also painted this, with our Blake, last week. Symbols are always cool, and tattooers can never draw enough of them, it seems! The meanings behind symbols are always interesting- if you want to know more about the Star of David, click here. For the Swastika, here.


Here’s something we don’t usually have on this blog- some older work! Paul found this on his computer the other day of an older tattoo he did, and it’s pretty cool! Maybe we could show off some older stuff too here on the blog, from time to time!


Finally, we’ve got some stuff from our apprentices, Siobhan and Lauren. Siobhan’s been painting some really cool Russian dolls, and she’s dying to tattoo one on someone. If you like this, hurry up and book in!


Lauren also did this really cool painting, which was her first attempt at something slightly larger than usual. Lauren also said she’d love to do some script tattoos, if anyone is interested! Both Lauren and Siobhan are working at their discounted prices of £20 for small leg pieces again this week.


For now, I think that’s it! We’ll be back again on Saturday, with lots of news and work again- I think you all know the drill by now! Until then, come down and book in something nice- we have someone on walk in duty every day for smaller pieces, and you’re more than welcome to come in to talk about, and book in, larger ones. For walk ins, you’ll have to be quick though if you want in- we open at 10.


About inkslingersnewcastle

Inkslingers is a tattoo studio located in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With three floors, great custom artists and health and hygiene at the top of our priorities, you're guaranteed a great experience here.
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