Traditional Show and Tell Day.

It’s another gloomy day in Newcastle, today. Sod it, just get tattooed, that’ll cheer you up nicely!

This week we said goodbye to our friends Thomas and Shon, who’ve been doing a guest spot here over the last two weeks. The guys left on Thursday to continue their tour around the world. We’re sure we’ll be seeing them again though, so don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t have the chance with them this time around- you’ll get your chance one day, don’t worry! On Monday, we might be able to show off a couple more tattoos they did while they were here, but for now, here’s a really cool painting Thomas did with our very own Paul Fulton. Thomas did the lines and black shading on this- Paul added in the colours and additional black. This isn’t for sale though, sorry!


The usual suspects were up to their tricks again this week, too. Ian did this really cool tattoo the other day, completely freehand. This is what happens when you give a good tattooer a pen and a blank piece of skin- you get a brilliantly lined tattoo! We’ll keep you posted on how this one turns out.


It isn’t all freehand work in Ian’s room this week, of course. He also managed this really cool piece, which I think is also on someone’s leg. Lots of people are getting their legs tattooed lately- I don’t know if they’re running out of space on their arms or if they want something to show off in the summer, but it’s really cool either way. Anyway, check out this tough bitch:


Sticking with our vintage traditional theme we seem to have going on today, here’s a really great piece by Paul. He can do these things in his sleep now, his panther heads are not to be messed with. Yet another tattoo on a leg, as well, haha.


Finally for today, here’s some work from our lovely apprentices, Siobhan and Lauren. The girls are still working for the discounted price of £30 an hour, which we think is great if you want something small and sweet. Not that this makes their work substandard: like we’ve said here before, this is typical for apprentices. Their work rocks already, though, as you can see from these two pictures below.

image image

There’s your lot for this week, we’ll be back on Monday with more work from everyone!

Speaking of such- we’ve been hearing about people stealing sketches from the guys, especially Ian, and taking it to other studios. This is why we have watermark symbols here on the blog, and why some pictures on the guys’ Facebook pages have been switched to “private”, to try to deter these idiots. Just a heads up: anyone who will steal work from another tattooer is a person who can’t draw. If you can’t draw, you can’t tattoo. Don’t bother going to the “cheap guy” who’ll give you someone else’s tattoo, you’ll just end up with a really crap and inferior copy of a great tattoo- and why eat at McDonald’s when you can have a gourmet meal, right? We understand that some people will expect all tattoo studios to be of the same great standard, but unfortunately that isn’t the case at all: don’t make mistakes you’ll have to live with forever, okay?

Okay, business meeting adjourned! We’ll see you all on Monday with some killer work!


About inkslingersnewcastle

Inkslingers is a tattoo studio located in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With three floors, great custom artists and health and hygiene at the top of our priorities, you're guaranteed a great experience here.
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