America Dates Announced!

We are extremely happy to announce the dates of Ian’s next guest spots in America, at two of the best shops in the country! Ian will be back at Three Kings in Brooklyn in September, from the 23rd-30th. After this, he’ll be with the guys at Spotlight in LA, from October 1st until the 7th. So, whether you’re on the east or west coast, you have until then to make sure you can get over to either shop for something cool! Make sure you can plan as quickly as possible, though, because spaces will be very limited.




Speaking of guest spots,  please don’t forget that our friend Guy Neutron is here for the next couple of days! He’s here from London’s Love Hate Social Club, and can give you the cleanest, coolest tattoo you’ve ever seen. You can drop into the shop to check with us for availability over these days, though please be quick, as his spaces are also very limited. You can see some work from him here!



Due to everything that’s going on right now, now is the time to book in with Ian if you want to get in with him this year. He has very little space, but he’ll always try his best to book you in as soon as he can. Here’s some work from him over the last few days:



While Ian is extremely busy, we have managed to re-work the diary so that there will always be some available space for walk ins each day. Gav is currently doing most walk ins, and he’s been doing some really cool stuff lately. If you’d like to get in for a walk in tattoo, please make sure you make enquiries early in the day to make sure you get your spot. You are always welcome to book in at any time too, if you’re one who prefers to be sure of their appointment! Here’s some work from Gav:




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Guy Neutron in the shop from TUESDAY

We’re only a few days away from our buddy Guy Neutron joining us for a few days at the shop. Normally Guy works at Love Hate in London, so this is a rare opportunity to get something really great from him without having to travel down! He’ll be here from Tuesday morning until Thursday evening, and he can’t wait to tattoo all of you. If you’d like to make an appointment with him, you can through contacting us, though please bear in mind that spaces will be limited and those who come to the shop with deposits can steal your spot in an instant- so come down and book in to avoid any disappointment!




We are also on the lookout for a new tattooer at the moment, to join us full time. Inkslingers is the biggest shop up here so we have plenty of space- we’ll even give you your own room, because we’re nice like that. We are not looking for apprentices, but if you are a tattooer looking for a new shop to work at, please feel free to let us know! No time-wasters, please.


Please also be aware that Ian has very limited space for July. He’s worked out that he has around four medium sized spaces. As far as August goes, he’ll be in Germany at Bodyscript Tattoo Studio for a week, but then in the last week of August he has some time free. If you’d like to be tattooed soon, now is the time to book in and make sure you’re not waiting too long. Feel free to come into the shop any time to have a chat about an appointment!

Speaking of Ian, here is some new work from him:





Gav also has lots going on right now, but likes to make the time for any walk ins whenever possible. If you’re after something small-ish, feel free to pop in on any day and see what space he has available. You can also make appointments with Gav in advance at any time he has free.

Here is some new work from Gavin, too:





Until then, we’ll see you next week, with our pal Guy Neutron!

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Guy Sahar Next Week

We’re sure you guys have been waiting for a new guest tattooer, so we’re happy to let you know we don’t ever disappoint. Next week, the insanely talented Guy ‘Neutron’ Sahar, from Love Hate in London, will be doing a guest spot from Tuesday to Thursday! He has space free at the moment to tattoo you guys, but we can’t promise these spaces will be there for long, so feel free to hit us up for bookings as quickly as you can! We’re stoked to have Guy here; he’s brilliant. Here’s some work by Guy:




You can see more by clicking here!

In the meantime, it’s business as usual. Ian has started a really cool piece this week, of a beautiful lady. This is about 90 minutes in; we’ll show you what it looks like finished soon enough!


Gav also did a lady head the other day, as well as starting a tiger and doing some roses:





Gav has plenty of space free at the minute and would love to tattoo something classic and fun. He has some cool Popeye and Mickey Mouse designs, ready to go. Don’t forget that we have walk in spaces every day now, so you’re always welcome to book one of these in!


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Walk Ins Now Every Day

As you probably noticed the other day, Ian is now back from New York! He spent last week doing a guest spot at Three Kings, and it was really awesome. Ian has made some really great friends over there and has another little tattoo family over there now, and is really grateful for the hospitality shown! Due to this, he will be going over to New York a lot more often and doing as many tattoos as he can over there, so watch this space in future. Three Kings is full of amazing tattooers, so you should click here to check them out after you’re done reading our post today.


Now Ian is back, though, there’s work to be done! Here is some work from him over the past week:









Over the past week, Ian and Gav have also re-worked their diaries so that they’re able to do more walk in work. We love doing walk ins, so we’ve made it so that there should be some walk in space every day from now on. If you’re ever looking for something new, feel free to pop in and steal a space with the guys!

Gav has been doing some really cool walk ins lately, as well as tattooing his usual clients. Here’s some work from this week:





Next week, we should have some spare spaces as well as walk in spots, so feel free to hit us up!

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Back from Brooklyn

Breathe a sigh of relief, Newcastle: Ian’s back! Ian had a really fantastic time in New York, and would like to thank the guys at Three Kings for their hospitality. It was a great trip, and he can’t wait to go back already. Here’s some work he did at Three Kings which you haven’t seen yet:





Now Ian is back, though, he’s eager to sort out his diary for the rest of the year. Space is extremely limited now, and while he can take on some new clients, he doesn’t have much room. There’s on-going work from existing customers, guest spots, and conventions to keep him occupied, so if you want some work from him you’ll have to book in now. If you have expressed interest with Ian online in any way and haven’t received a reply, he’d appreciate it if you could let him know so he can sort everything out for you. Thanks for your patience with messages and emails!

If you know your tattoo history, you may have noticed that forty years ago today Sailor Jerry died. We think he was an absolute legend in tattooing and love to tattoo his flash four decades on. Due to this, Gav was busy today tattooing some Sailor Jerry flash. He had a lot of fun doing these, and would love to do some again. He has some re-painted flash ready to go, so feel free to book in! Here is some work from today:



Also, here’s a teeny tiny anchor, just for the hell of it:


Lauren has also been hard at work, and is really close to finishing the tattoo below, of a stag. Just a few final touches and hopefully that will be it finished!


She has also been filling in a few gaps for another customer. If you have some little spaces you’re sick of seeing between your tattoos, feel free to let us know! We love to do nice big pieces, but we’ll never turn our noses up at something small and sweet, either.


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Ian on Walk Ins at Three Kings!

Surprise, America! Ian is at Three Kings in New York and, if we’re judging the time difference right, is on walk in duty right now! You need to get down there and get something great, if you’re nearby. Here’s a map to the shop:

Three Kings Tattoo
Three Kings Tattoo

Ian has been doing some amazing work while he’s been out in New York; thank you to everyone who’s been in for something cool so far. Here’s some work from him over the last couple of days:






We’ll keep you posted with Ian’s adventures!


Back in the land of Brown Ale and Greggs, Gav and Lauren have been having fun keeping everything at the shop running. Gav has been really happy with the cool stuff everyone has been coming in with, and he has some really cool eagles ready to go for anyone that wants them! He’s really interested in doing more eagles; he loves them. Here’s his most recent ones:


Here’s what they look like when they’re tattooed, too:


Feel free to pop into the shop any time to talk about getting an eagle or something else equally cool with Gav. He has some space next week, but you’ll have to be quick if you want in! Here’s some other work from Gav this week:



Similarly, Lauren also has both some space free and some designs she’s dying to do. Here are the drawings she’s most interested in doing:


She’s done one of them so far, and it’s lovely:


Here’s some recent work from Lauren, too:



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Ian at Three Kings This Week!

Due to extremely high demand, we’ve been keeping a secret on this blog. We should probably break it to you now- Ian isn’t at the shop this week… he’s actually at Three Kings in New York! We think it’s really awesome that he’s doing a guest spot at such an amazing tattoo shop, and we hope you think so too. If you live nearby, feel free to pop over and say hi!

He’s already done some really great work there; check these out:



At the moment, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get an internet connection, so if you’d like to speak to Ian please be patient! Before he left for Brooklyn, he managed to fit in another cool tattoo here at the shop as well:


We’ll keep you guys posted on Ian’s adventures right here on the blog.

In the meantime, Gav and Lauren are still at the shop, tattooing until 8 every night. Gav has been doing some really great work, and he’s been really happy with the great tattoos you guys have been asking for! Here’s some of the best from the past few days:








Lauren has also become a bit of a cat lady lately. As well as the last few tattoos she’s done in previous posts, she has a couple more to show you guys. Whether they’re big cats, house cats, or anything in between, she’s been more than happy to tattoo it. Here’s a c0uple of new ones from the last few days:



Lauren is also very interested in doing some more Japanese work. She’s been painting a lot lately, which you can see below. If you have any Japanese work you’d like her to do, get in touch!



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